About Us

Dr. Stefan Graeser founded Graeser Film- und Videomarketing in 2013 to focus entirely on video and social media communication. Since then Graeser Film- und Videomarketing has produced several image films, product videos and web series that are shown around the world on fairs and online.

Christian Scholz joined the team in 2015 to focus on productions with storytelling. He holds a degree of the design department of the FH Dortmund for camera work and possesses more than ten years of work experience.

Jürgen Immes started as a trained photographer and possesses longtime experience in professional lighting, design, animation and color grading. He focusses on incorporating all deliverables available to create stunning images.

Sebastian Moretto has more than 15 years experience in the film industry. He has worked as a DoP, colorist and director on countless films, advertisings and music videos.